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The enthusiast’s guide to herbs

The enthusiast’s guide to herbs

Learn everything you need to know about growing and caring for herbs indoors, including in-depth info cards for the 35 most commonly grown herbs.

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This accessible, thoughtfully crafted e-book helps you:

Master the basics of plant care

Choose the right growing medium, learn about watering & humidity, fertilize your herbs, and prune them correctly.

Troubleshoot pests and problems

Troubleshoot and treat common problems like root rot, bolting, insect pests, leggy plants, and overwatering.

Plant, grow, and care for 35 herbs

Familiarize yourself with the unique needs and traits of the 35 most commonly grown herbs.

110% worth the price!

I’ve fancied myself an amateur home gardener for two years now. Despite that, I bought The Enthusiast’s Guide from Herbs at Home after stumbling across their website on Google, just to see what it was about.

Let me tell you: it was one of the best digital purchases I’ve ever made! The plant ‘info cards’ alone makes it worth the price, and there are so many little nuggets in the more basic advice that I think anyone—no matter if you’re a total beginner or if, like me, you’ve been growing herbs for a while—will get plenty of value from it.

Super job Herbs at Home & team!

Anna Spencer

Anna Spencer

Massillon, Ohio

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In The Enthusiast’s Guide, you’ll finally learn:

  • How to grow herbs from seeds, stem cuttings, and air layering
  • How to choose the appropriate growing medium (it may not be soil!)
  • The possible culinary and medicinal uses, unique growing needs and conditions, and fun facts about 35 popular herbs
  • How to avoid over- and underwatering and make sure your plants receive the right amount of water
  • How to keep your plants watered on vacation
  • The basics of fertilization—organic and inorganic, slow-release and quick-release, granular and liquid
  • How to prune your plants the right way
  • The basics of supplemental lighting—when to use blue light and when to use red light, and appropriate strengths
  • A gentle introduction to hydroponic growing and how to choose the right system
  • How to identify and treat common problems like root rot, bolting, insect pests, leggy plants, and overwatering
  • Common and technical gardening terms in a handy glossary—what is the difference between full sun and partial sun, anyway?

And a lot of other valuable information and tidbits that will allow you to finally master the art and science of growing herbs at home!

All in one place, thoughtfully curated and beautifully designed as a handy PDF you can open on any device—no need to constantly look up the same things in Google anymore.

The enthusiast’s guide to herbs

Take your home gardening skills to the next level

110 pages jam-packed with useful information. Take your home gardening skills to the next level, or buy it as a gift for a loved one.

Buy now ($8.99)